MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences

Describe your experience of studying at Ulster in 3 words

Challenging, rewarding, interesting

Why did you choose your postgraduate course?

I came to Ulster to undertake an MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences for several reasons. When I was in my final year of my undergraduate degree I heard about the course and it instantly appealed to me. I knew I would be finishing soon and I had no definite work plans set up. In mid-summer I got an email offering me a place on the course, and suddenly I had a plan and a goal!

I got an email from Ulster about the Barnett Scholarship and applied that day. I got an interview and was awarded the scholarship. It was amazing, it removed any worry about the next month’s rent and tuition fees.

I quickly adjusted to life at Ulster and settled into my accommodation and my course. The course gave me the chance to review my current knowledge and build upon it. My undergraduate degree had given me a background in analytical chemistry, so I was able to build on this and add a pharmaceuticals insight to it. Modules on the MSc included Pharmaceutics, learning about drug manufacture from start to finish, and Quality assurance which focused on the analytical techniques involved in product testing. My research project also started early in the academic year.

This year has been the first time since I was four years old when I have worked through the summer, and it has been rewarding. My work will finish up around mid-august and then I will have time to write up my thesis and get it ready for submitting.

The course is very structured and well designed. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ulster and will be sorry to leave when the time comes. It definitely has not always been easy, but I know look towards starting my career with a new energy.

What advice would you give someone considering postgraduate study?

Studying at Ulster gave me the chance to do something productive after graduating. I had been floundering without any clear defined idea of my next steps. Through this experience, I moved somewhere new, met new people, made new friends and learned as I did it. I feel when I now apply to jobs I have achieved something of value for the last year.

For students considering this course, or Ulster itself, I advise them to go for it. I have certainly found it life-changing and truly enjoyable.

Would you recommend studying at Ulster?


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