Life before the MBA

Before the MBA, I was working in the property management division of a commercial real estate firm.

Why did you choose to study an MBA here at Ulster University?

I chose the MBA at Ulster University because of the variety of modules given on the course and each course allowed me to apply in class knowledge to real life work experience.

Have their been any learning experiences on the course you really valued?

One learning experience that I’ve really valued is the Operations Management module. There’s a bit of maths piece to it which breaks up the lectures as well as two in class simulations which I really enjoyed.

What do you think of Northern Ireland?

I think Northern Ireland is a beautiful country. I also play hockey for the uni which has given me the opportunity to travel around a little bit more than I normally would have.

How have you found the staff at Ulster University?

The staff have been very helpful especially the library staff. Getting back into research methods, they’ve been able to point out the right resources.

What do you hope to do after the course?

After the course I hope to find work in a similar property management role. Whether that’s in Chicago or here in Northern Ireland, I want to keep my options open.

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