MSc Environmental Management

Describe your experience of studying at Ulster in 3 words

Challenging, Rewarding, Interesting

Why did you choose your postgraduate course?

I successfully completed the MSc Environmental Management over a three year period. I wanted a course of study that I could complete in my own time and in my own home. As a mature student, working full-time and with a young family, this course was perfect in terms of managing my time.  The assignments are cleverly designed, in that they cover all the course material, but they also ensure that to achieve a good mark, a broader and more expansive range of study must be undertaken. I really enjoyed the course, even though at certain times during the three years it was quite challenging. The final year dissertation was an excellent way of spending twelve months researching a topic that I was really interested in.

What advice would you give someone considering postgraduate study?

Don’t be phased by undertaking a course of study irrespective of the life stage you are at. The time flies once you start studying and researching a topic that you are interested in. I set out with a view of completing one module. Three quick years later I had an MSc qualification.

Would you recommend studying at Ulster?