MA Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies

Describe your experience of studying at Ulster in 3 words

Novel, beneficial, unforgettable.

Tell us how you found out about this course

When I was back in the US I enrolled in a programme for the Centre for Celtic Studies.  This was a certificate programme at the University of Wisconsin, Milwakee.  The head of the department, originally from Dublin suggested that based on what I was interested in and what I wanted to do with my life and with a career, he suggested that I look at the UK & Ireland for Master’s programmes, so I did, found, in my opinion my favourite one here at the Ulster University and I enrolled in it.

Why did you want to do postgraduate study?

I was always interested in history, particularly through my working hobbies in living history and re-enactment.  I was particularly interested in the material culture of my heritage and my history and European history in general, so when I found the Masters in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies, which would give me the opportunity to actually put my hands on historic artefacts and be in the presence and work with them, I was very interested in it.

What was your favourite part of the course?

There were a couple of favourite parts to the course, one of them and my personal favourite was the hands on aspect, actually getting to handle artefacts, handle things that had been touched by people hundreds and hundreds of years ago.   However, the visits to the various museums and cultural institutions and a lot of the behind the scenes work of seeing how those institutions told their stories was also a particularly nice part of the course.

Has this course brought any benefit to you since graduating?

Currently I’m a programme manager in the education department of the San Diego Maritime Museum. It is a fantastic job and I get to do what I love to do and I do not believe that I would have had that opportunity and many of the other opportunities I have had since I left this course without completing the Master’s programme.  It certainly put me head and shoulders above many other very qualified and very passionate people in my field but the Master’s really did help me a lot both in my understanding of my career and also in my ability to achieve it.

Has this inspired you to take on further study?

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