Business Development & Innovation

Describe your experience of studying at Ulster in 3 words

Interesting, Informative, Innovative

Why did you choose your postgraduate course?

Having worked in the private sector for 10 years I felt that if I wanted to move my career the direction I wanted then I would need to learn and develop relevant skills.

The key reason I chose Ulster University was  the fact that the Business Development & Innovation postgraduate course not only covered the theoretical area of the module being studied, but also allowed the student to put the learnings into practice by completing assignments within functioning businesses in Northern Ireland.

The ability to retain knowledge from using it first hand is invaluable. I feel that I gained a great deal of knowledge and guidance from the staff at the university and it has, without a doubt, been a positive and beneficial experience.

The opportunities available to me now are much greater than when I started the course and I have a much clearer outlook on how the business world works and where innovative ideas can make noticeable improvements.

What advice would you give someone considering postgraduate study?

My one piece of advice to future students is to give as much energy to the course as possible; you will be rewarded with much more in return. From the lecturers knowledge of the subject to the facilities on campus and especially having access to guest speakers and existing businesses. The all-round dynamic of the university is one of progress and building, it is up to you how much you want to get involved.

Would you recommend studying at Ulster?


Has this inspired you to take on further study?

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